Tarot Horoscope for October 2010

Capricorn: It is now time to focus on the job. Your current tasks should be paramount this month. This month is a good opportunity to identify the barriers and isolate them. Overcoming any resistance is key to success.

Aquarius: This current month is going to be very slow. Nothing will move forward and if you introspect you will realise that within you lies the cause for the stagnation. Overcome the barriers and try to put things back in motion again.

Pisces: Uncertainty clouds your consciousness this month. It is time to bring out you beacon of trust. This will help illuminate the current foggy phase. Your trust will not belittle you in the long run. Just cling on! pisces horoscope

Aries: This is the month for decisiveness tempered with contemplation. Observe the developing situation closely and contemplate on the situation ahead. At an appropriate time the best course of action will become apparent.

Taurus: This month is likely to test your skills to adapt. You are likely to be shaken out of your zone of comfort by loss, failure or disappointments. With the typical tenacity of a bull you should be able to sail through this turbulent time. This is just a phase you will have to pass through so that you emerge a better, stronger, and wiser.

Gemini: This is the month of opportunities for you. Expect the unexpected, but be pleasantly surprised. You can expect every such message, gift, or experience to open up a new uncharted chapter in your life. May be the real chapter of your life!

Cancer: This is no time for complacency. Do not rest on your past laurels. Plod on as there is plenty of ground to cover. Remember modesty is key to staying focused, and focus is essential for success. Remain focused on your current tasks.

Leo: This is the month to let go of negative feeling and beginning and new phase of life. Every experience and event in this month will be a new way of life. Prepare yourself to be happy.

Virgo: This is a time for quiet contemplation. A lot has changed in your life. It is now time to take stock of those changes. It is also the time reflect on your relationships.

Libra: You are going to be blessed with good fortune this month. Many desired accomplishment will come to you. But remember to share the credit.

Scorpio: Our reactions determine our future. So try to react positively to any situation. This month is going to be testy on the relationship front. So make the extra effort to reconcile differences.

Sagittarius: This universe has a plan and the plan is to see you happy. Do let go of the urge to analyse every single moment of your life. Instead just float along and enjoy the various experiences this month.


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